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My Story is Available for Presale Until Feb 17

Mom Babes Story

My story is being published and is available for presale until Feb. 17, 2023

Mom Babes Story

I am so excited to be able to finally share my story with this community. I have worked alongside 14 other brave and courageous women to share our stories of motherhood as part of the Mom Babes Anthology volume 3. This book is your sisterhood: a collection of stories from 15moms who’ve been there, drank cold coffee and survived to share their inspiring tales of failure, triumph, and success.

Becoming an author felt like a dream that I may not be able to accomplish until this opportunity came around. By writing a book with other authors, it has allowed me to dip my feet into the writing community and to experience what being an author entails. It has allowed me to share my story about why I not only created This World's Ours Centre, but why creating community is such a priority for me and my family. I share our story of how my family came to be, the challenges we have faced as a family, and the legacy I hope to leave behind for my children.

An excerpt from my story:

"By the time Devon had her assessments at age five, just three years after joining our family, we joked that maybe we should get a punch card and that by our tenth diagnosis, we should get a free cake. Between our youngest two kids, we had nine diagnoses already. You see, they were very much alike. Both autistic and epileptic, with a few other diagnoses sprinkled in there. Zach had a severe anxiety disorder and was gifted, while Devon had an intellectual disability, ADHD, and a neurodevelopmental disorder. We hadn’t anticipated the tenth diagnosis coming from our oldest child. We learned when Jake was ten that he was dyslexic. That night I went out and bought a cake. After I put the kids to bed, I sat in silence beside my husband on the couch, eating chocolate cake, tears streaming down my face."

You can purchase this book as part of our presale from now until Feb. 17th. Purchases can be made from our online store here.

We also have the entire anthology available for sale in our store. Check out volumes 1 & 2 while waiting for volume 3 to be released in May.

Mom Babes Anthology Story

You can learn more about The Mom Babes here.

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