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Building My Community

Sharing my story by becoming an author and writing an anthology with a courageous group of women.

Koryn is a mother, educator, owner of This World's Ours Centre, and is the process of adding author to this list. What better way to grow community than to join an existing community, becoming vulnerable, and sharing your story with women all over the world.

Koryn will share about her journey of becoming an author and writing in a book over the next 5 months.

Becoming an Author

I decided to do this because I wanted to leave a legacy for my kids and build my community. I figure, what better way than to put my story into writing that will stay around long after I am gone.

I remember calling my parents for one of our weekly chats. They always ask about the kids and how my husband is doing at work. I started telling them about a funny story involving my daughter. We were all hanging out in the house one afternoon when I asked her what she was doing. She was in the bathroom, and she replied, "Mermaid show." I immediately assumed was putting on a mermaid show with her new mermaid costume. It dawned on me a few moments later that I was hearing water coming from the bathroom. Opening the bathroom door, water gushed out flooding the hallway. She was pretending to be a real, live mermaid, and of course, that involves swimming in a large amount of water. My parents, understanding the chaos of my daily life, laughed and said, "One day you have to write a book!"

Well mom and dad, that day has finally arrived.

I will keep you posted...

I will be posting on a monthly basis of the the writing process. I welcome you to join my community and follow along on the journey.


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