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PROGRAMS (0-5 yrs old)

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Social Skills Groups

We offer a variety of social skills groups to meet your child's needs. Each group has a maximum of 4 participants with one highly skilled instructor. 

Kindergarten Preperation Social Group: 

Our Kindergarten Preparation Social Group is a group for children ages 3-5 years old which focuses on the preparation and integration of children into classroom life. It allows children to learn and develop key skills needed for a smooth transition into elementary school. Our ethos looks at using socialization as a means for learning skills such as listening and communicating whilst developing literacy, numeracy and fine motor skills such as tracing, writing and reading.

This group has a maximum of 4 children and 2 staff.

Summer Program:

August 19-23 from 10am - 12pm Kindergarten Prep Group 

Sunday Social Group:

Social Group is a programme that allows incorporating tools to improve the relationship and social interaction with peers, while providing an opportunity to meet other children, identify with their problems and difficulties, learn and help each other and feel part of a group . Likewise, it reinforces important aspects for personal development such as self-esteem and friendship.

We will develop social skills relevant in the community and in different environments, to increase flexibility of the routine , places and people.

Summer Program:

Sunday:​ 10am: Social Group (5-12 yrs) 2 hrs 

Sunday: 1pm: Social Group (5-12 yrs) 2 hrs

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