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School-Aged  Learners: Programs for 5-18yrs old

Our Spring Kids Club is open for registration. You can register on a drop in basis or by the term. Learn more here

Kids Club (5-13 yrs)

Every Monday - Friday

Come join us for a healthy snack, social-emotional check-in and a time to relax with friends while playing games, having a snack, making art, or getting some help with your homework. 

*We are currently able to pick up children for after-school club from Nightingale Elementary & Mt. Pleasant Elementary. Please email us at to arrange.

Drop in daily for $40

Book for the term at $35/day and pay via installments or use AFU.

1:1 is available for Kids Club. Register here.


We accept Autism Funding




3pm: Kids Club 2.5hrs (5-12yrs)

4pm: School Support

6pm: Cooking (5-18yrs)


3pm: Kids Club 2.5hrs (5-12yrs)



3pm: Kids Club 2.5hrs (5-12yrs)
4pm: School Support
5:30pm: Music Therapy (5-13yrs) $22/child


3pm: Kids Club 2.5hrs (5-12yrs)

5:30pm: Games Social Group (7-10yrs)
6pm: Dungeons & Dragons 2hr (13+ yrs)



12:30pm: Social Play Group 2hr (6-10yrs)

3pm: Kids Club 2.5hrs (5-12yrs

6pm: Parents Night Out 2.5hrs (2-12yrs)


12pm: Family Music Therapy Class $22/child


10am: Social Group (5-12 yrs) 2 hrs

1pm: Social Group (5-12yrs) 2 hrs




Acting Atypical workshops are offered for youth ages 13-18 on the following Sunday's from 3:15pm - 5:30pm for only $20.

- March 24th

- April 21st

- May 26th

We accept Autism Funding

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