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Michelle de Beer
Behavior Consultant

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Hi I’m Michelle! I am a behaviour consultant who has been working with autistic children and parents for over 21 years. I have been lucky enough to help many amazing families from early years to adulthood across the world in Vancouver, Yukon, Ireland, England, Romania & Italy during this time and collaborate with incredible professionals. 

  I hold an M.Sc. in ABA and am a lifelong learner, eagerly delving into many opportunities for personal and professional development in recent years. While I lived in Europe I published research on comparing teaching methodologies in the European Journal of Behavior Analysis. As my career progresses, I hope to be able to contribute to projects and research that are part of creating meaningful impact.

  In 2021 I launched Happy Heart Parenting. It is my hope that by sharing my 21 years of education and experience I can help those families struggling for diagnosis, services, and support. I believe in skill-based and strength-based teaching, and empowering children and their parents by teaching skills to communicate & identify needs, strengths, interests as well as essential safety skills. I love to teach through play, and to teach parents without adding overwhelm how they can incorporate learning into their daily life and help their children learn with less. 

I am delighted to work with TWO and to bring: 


Case Management

I will also have openings to provide case management for families at TWO. Please enquire directly at 

Autism Waitlist: Support While you Wait

Michelle de Beer is the owner and founder of The Autism Waitlist. She has been working with autistic children and families for over 21 years in Canada and Europe and has seen firsthand how long parents have to wait for assessment and services, as well as the unnecessary stress it brings. Autism Waitlist was founded to give families with a child on an autism waitlist support and resources to help.

Daniela Marco
Behavior Consultant


Hello, I’m Daniela! 


I am a behaviour consultant and have worked with neurodivergent toddlers, children, and teens since 2013. 


I am passionate about promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) instruction by incorporating the interests + strengths of neurodivergent individuals to learn essential STEM skills. 

I strive to help neurodivergent individuals discover their passions within STEM, which may potentially lead to a vocation that they will enjoy and find meaning in pursuing. 


I am also passionate about providing support to the whole family, particularly, supporting siblings and fostering positive sibling relationships. I believe that supporting siblings is just as important as supporting neurodivergent individuals and their parents. 


I do identify as neurodivergent (ADHD). 


I am so excited to work with TWO and offer my services to this community. 


Services I offer: 


Sibling Connections Group


My Sibling Connections Group provides siblings with an opportunity to meet and connect with other siblings who may be going through similar experiences as them. They will also learn more about each other’s experiences with having a neurodivergent sibling and learn more about neurodiversity. 


Get on the waitlist! Go to:


Sibling Support Consultation Services


My sibling support program provides siblings with support and education about their neurodivergent sibling; and provides support to siblings around advocating for their needs as well. 

I also provide individualized support around sibling relationships, understanding and supporting different sibling dynamics at home, and how to support siblings through a new diagnosis. These services are catered to parents, neurodivergent siblings, and non-autistic siblings. 


Get on the waitlist! Go to:


School Consultations/Advocacy Support


I provide school consultations particularly around STEM learning for neurodivergent students and assist in advocating for students’ learning styles and accommodations within school settings. 


Other services I offer: 

Parent Support Services

1:1 Home Support & Intervention Services


For more information about my services and to book a 30-minute free consultation, go to:


Find me also with STEM Sprouts:

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