Koryn and Allison met in 2008 while they were both teaching high school Life Skills programs. They developed a meaningful connection and collaborated together to support their students. They soon became good friends. Allison became a part of Koryn's family by helping to provide respite for her three children, two of whom have disabilities. Together they developed this centre to support families like Koryn's, who were looking for a sense of community and a place to feel supported.


We hope your family develops the same connection to our centre and we welcome you to our community!

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Koryn Heisler

I am a mother to three beautiful children and they are my inspiration for creating this centre. I understand first hand how important community is, especially when raising children with disabilities. I am also a teacher who taught in Special Education programs for the first part of my career before working as an Inclusion Consultant. I also have my Master's in Education.


I am so excited to meet each and every one of you and to have you become a part of this community.


Allison Frers

I have taught students from 3 years old to 50 and continue to learn something new every day from the people I teach. I have worked as a Life Skills teacher for 13 years in the Vancouver School Board, and have a Masters in Special Education, and worked with district Learning Services where I have been able to visit almost every school in Vancouver.  I enjoy swimming, pilates, and riding my bike. 



Our mission is to provide quality programming and support to families with neurodiverse children or children who require additional support. We offer a safe, inclusive and supportive environment that is family-focused. Lifelong curiosity, learning, and enjoyment for all are the cornerstones upon which our programs are developed. We aim to provide the support that your family needs in one location and offer access to a variety of service providers.


Our philosophy is to make you and your family feel welcomed and a valuable part of our community. 

  • We believe everyone has the right to be a part of a Community

  • We believe everyone can make a meaningful Contribution to our community

  • We strive for Creativity in programming and problem solving

  • We believe Learning can be fun, authentic and engaging

  • We Respect ourselves, each other and our space

Our Story

Our Vision Behind Our Community Centre

Check out the building of our centre and our vision for creating this space. We want to support families and offer a space that is safe and social. We want a space that allows everyone to feel at home.

Take a look at our journey and welcome to This World's Ours Centre.