Book Shelf

Resources & Like-Minded Businesses

We have curated a list of professionals that align with our philosophies. 

Spectrum Skateboard Society

Providing safe, fun, and inclusive skateboard camps for youth on the autism spectrum.

Odin Books

ODIN BOOKS 1993 Inc. is an independently-owned, specialty bookstore. We provide mental health , education, autism, special needs, FASD, and psychology-based resources to professionals, parents, and those interested in these topics. 

Mention that you are attending a program at our centre for a 10% discount.

Organized Minds

Organized Minds empowers individuals that experience ADHD, struggle with executive functioning, or identify as gifted and learning disabled. If this describes you or your child, we can help. We provide services to elementary students, high school students, and university students.

Kids Physio

Physio for kids! Our specialized equipment and treatments focus on improving coordination, endurance, gross motor skills and more!

The Family Support Institute of BC

The Family Support Institute of BC (FSI) is a provincial not for profit society committed to supporting families who have a family member with a disability. 

Chorus & Clouds

Chorus is a space for all. For you and your child to explore, to take part in special classes and enriching activities, and to make new friends. It’s a space children love to come to, a space where they feel safe and loved.

Uphoria Yoga

A boutique studio offering classes for prenatal, postnatal, toddlers, kids 3+, teens, adults, families, as well as birthday parties, camps & more.Located in the heart of Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver!

BC Psych Online

Mental health resources for clinicians and patients. Includes community resources as well as online resources to support patients. 

BCCH: Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre

We help families across the province navigate the mental health system, connect with peer support, and access resources and tools to support wellbeing.