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One to One Sessions

One to One Sessions with Javier

Join Javier for a 2 hour one on one session to work on specific goals for your child. These goals are tailored for your child and can support in areas of communication, behavior, self-regulation, fine motor skills, and more.

Sessions are play based and age appropriate. Activities can include arts and crafts, games, utilizing sensory materials in the sensory house, physical activity, cooking, and more. 

Javier is a teacher from Spain with a background in SLP. 

Autism Funding is accepted. Please fill out a request to pay on the parent portal or email us at for an electronic copy. You are welcome to attend while waiting for approval.


Sessions are 2 hours in length and cost $50/hr. 


Sessions are Available:

Monday from 12:30pm - 2:30pm⁠
Wednesday from 12pm - 2pm⁠
Thursday from 9am - 11am⁠
Thursday from 11am - 1pm⁠
Friday from 12pm - 2pm⁠

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