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Reading My Story Aloud

Writing Story

The day I finally got to read my story aloud to the group of authors I am writing with and the feeling of being vulnerable in this community.

Reading my Story

Every Wednesday evening my writing group meets to discuss our stories. This particular Wednesday I was nervous with anticipation of having to read aloud the story I had written about my journey into motherhood. The group of women in this community are warm, generous, and compassionate, but there was still trepidation of sharing such a personal story with a group of women I had met only a few short months ago.

It was finally my turn to share and I was too nervous to look up from my paper to see the reactions on the faces of the women in our group. I managed to cry through the majority of the reading and finished, regretting my decision to not have a box of kleenex nearby. The feedback I received was incredibly heartfelt and valuable. The group helped me discover the name of my story and how to tie it all together for the ending. I am now awaiting my final sets of edits from the editor and then I can finish my last alterations on my story before submitting it for the final time.

The publish date is set for May, right around Mother’s Day. I will keep you updated and appreciate all of your support in this venture.

Pre-sales will start the week of February 7th and will be available on our online store.

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