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Social Emotional Class

Strong and Confident Minds

Mondays @ 4pm Ages 6-8

Mondays @ 5pm Ages 9-11


This program helps children build confidence, self-awareness and compassion through chair yoga, art, literacy and mindfulness. We will introduce strategies to enhance mental and emotional well being by using simple tools and doing fun activities. Come dressed to move and participate in art activities. Each participant will receive a mini kit with affirmation cards and other tools to use at home (valued at $18). Sarah is a Montessori teacher and mom in Vancouver - she loves books and nature!


$95 for 4 sessions


Sarah Adams

The Prepared Environment Project

Sarah is a Montessori teacher and mom who was born and raised in Vancouver.  She loves helping families create Montessori-friendly homes by simplifying and decluttering.  Sarah is passionate about children's books and hands-on learning.  She has been a teacher for 17 years and has worked with children from ages 5-12.

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