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Building Your Mom Community

Mamas, are you also craving a supportive community? Come along to meet moms in person and start making new mom friends.

Wouldn't It Be Great If There Was An Easy Way To Connect With Other Moms Who, Just Like You, Want To Extend Their Village And Be Part Of A Supportive Mom Community?

It can be difficult to find and make new mom friends when you're constantly on the go or have your kids with you.

We, Nadine & Koryn, know you crave some genuine mom-to-mom chats without having to figure out how or where to do that, even if you might ask yourself 'How do I socialize with other people again?' after the last couple of years.

We know first hand that raising children can be challenging, especially if you don't have a supportive network of family or friends. We also know that it is hard work to make and maintain friendships.

We are hosting our first-ever moms meeting moms event and this event will raise money for a local charity. We are hoping to support moms in building their village and learning how to make mom friends.

Let's meet and:

- Genuinely connect in person with other local moms so you get to grow your own village

- Seek support for a pressing mom question you may have right now or offer

- Experience a casual evening with like-minded moms

We hope you join us for this event and help us raise money to help moms in our community.

Who are your Hosts?

Nadine Stille

Nadine coaches Mamas to ditch the daily grind and create more joy in their personal and professional lives, by putting their own needs and desires on the to-do list. As a recovering stressed-out mom who was constantly trying to balance society's expectations to be a perfect mom and an ambitious career woman, she's here to help moms create a more balanced and joy-filled way. Nadine's lived in 6 countries. She knows how essential found-family and community is, now more than ever when she's raising her own family.

Koryn Heisler

As a mom of three, and former Special Education teacher, Koryn founded This World's Ours, an inclusive centre in the heart of Vancouver providing a safe, social space and a variety of programs for neurodiverse children and families.

She understands first hand how important community is, especially when raising children with disabilities. Koryn welcomes ALL children and their families to participate in the many programs her centre offers.


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