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How Can Physiotherapy Help?

How physiotherapy can help infants, children, and adults.

By Monika Zillinger

Wondering if you or your child need to see a physiotherapist? This guide will help you understand what ways a physiotherapist may be able to help.

Take a look at how physiotherapy can help at any stage of life.

Ways physiotherapy can help infants

A physiotherapist can support with:

- Delayed gross motor skills like reaching, crawling or walking

- Having a preference to look one way or a flat spot on the head

- General motor assessments and motor milestone check-ups

Ways physiotherapy can help children

A physiotherapist can support with:

- Achieving those tough skills like throwing, jumping, monkey bars...

- Building strength, improving coordination and body awareness

- Treating painful body parts after injury such as sprains, fractures, muscle pain

- Preventative physiotherapy

- Working with children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Neuro conditions

All of this is done by providing FUN play-based therapy!

Ways physiotherapy can help adults

A physiotherapist can support with:

- Joint, nerve or muscle pain

- Concussion Rehab

- Chronic Pain

- Preventative Therapy

This is done through exercise-based rehabilitation of injuries - let's enable you!

Did you know that This World's Ours Centre has physiotherapy?

Monika is providing sessions 3 days a week at our centre. Book today with Monika Zillinger!


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