PROGRAMS (0-5 yrs old)

Early Learners: Programs for Children 0-5

Winter class registrations are now open!​


10 am - 12pm: Learning Readiness (2-5 yrs old)

12:30pm - 1:30pm: Parent & Little Ones Play Time (0-2 yrs old)


10am - 11am: Parent & Little Ones Play Time (0-2 yrs old)

11:30am - 1:30pm: Learning Readiness (2-5 yrs old)


We will be hosting Parent & Child workshops on Thursdays.

Dec. 8 @ 10 am: Early Reading & Writing Skills with Lucille Denys

This workshop is free of charge. Register here.

Dec. 8 @ 12 pm: Better Connections with Michelle de Beer

This workshop is free to charge. Register here.

Dec. 15 @ 11 am: Sensory Processing with Olivia Hoffsuemmer

This workshop is $10 and families will get a sensory kit to take home with them. Register here.


12:30 pm: Family Music Therapy Class for 45 mins for $20/child

1:30 pm: 4-8 yr old Music Therapy Group Class for 45 mins for $20/child

All 2-5 yrs Programs can be registered on a drop-in basis for $50/class.

Parent & Little Ones Playtime is $15 per session.

Family Time